Friday, April 29, 2011


I've only caught bits and pieces of the royal wedding while I was getting ready for work this morning, and it's on the tv above me at work, on silent. But oh. my. goodness! I do not think it's possible for Kate to look more perfect and more royal. For the last week I've heard people complaining non stop about the hype the wedding has been getting, but honestly 90% of the hype I've been hearing has been complaints about the hype.

While watching William and Kate walk down the aisle together to leave Westminster Abbey I was so glad I was able to go inside just a few months ago. It is possibly the most beautiful building I've ever seen and I loved imagining while I was there what the wedding would be like.

Congrats Wills and Kate!!


meggan said...

SO completely agree about all of the hype being about hype complaints! I loooooooooved everything about the wedding-- totally worth an early wake up.

Lisa said...

She does look perfect doesn't she?

Nadia said...

Spencer woke up at 4:15am and so did I. We ended up watching the whole thing live. I have to say I loved it. Kate was beyond amazing!!
Dont hate - haters.

Trish said...

I didn't watch any of it and was looking for pictures of her dress but couldn't find any (weird, I know), so I'm glad you posted this. What a gorgeous lady she is!

Brad Hope said...

First - you love the hype

Second - with the budget they blew on this wedding, everyone better look amazing.

Hater here. There I said it.

Boom (just for you)