Friday, April 1, 2011

It's the freakin weekend baby I'm about to have me some fun.

Happy Friday! Thank goodness the weekend is here. It’s been a busy week with work and fun and now I’m ready to relax. It will be an interesting weekend because most of my friends I usually spend time with have flown the coup. (Is that how the saying goes??) And when I say flown the coup, I mean left the country. I have one friend in London, two in Copenhagen, and another in DC. All for weekend trips. This, my friends, is why I can’t move back to the west coast. How great is it that you can go to another country for a long weekend, and only take two days off work, and not be too jetlagged? Not to mention it’s MUCH more affordable to fly from the east coast. My friends got a screamin’ deal to Copenhagen. $150. Roundtrip. That’s right. And London? Airfare was going for $400 roundtrip this week. That’s how much it usually costs me to get to California. One day I’ll settle down and quit wanting to go somewhere every weekend (maybe) but for now my list of places to see in Europe is growing by the day. Add to that list Iceland. I’ve been doing some research for my boss who’s going there for Memorial Day and it looks amazing.

So, since I won’t be distracted (too much) with socializing, I decided to attempt to make it a productive weekend. Here’s what’s on tap:

-catch this blog up with my life
-clean my apartment and get those little projects done I’ve been putting off for months (woopsies.)
-brunch (another reason I can never leave)
-drop off clothes at Housing Works (Continue the ongoing battle with too many clothes and not enough closet space. This is really a task in my current place. I bet I have less closet space than any female I know. Honestly. It's bad.)
-maybe catch a movie? I love the movies.
-boxing tonight (we’ll see, I have to work out some issues with my gym membership, but I haven’t seen my box boo in a month and I miss him)
-maybe watch a little Yankee baseball

It’s April and it’s snowing. This is not an April Fool’s joke. Sigh. Before you all tell me, yes, I am aware it was 90 degrees in California. Believe it or not I actually DO love the seasons, I just don’t like it when they last way longer than they should. It’s been almost 6 months of winter and that is way too long. Hurry up spring. I’m over this.

Happy weekend!


Elise said...

I sang this title. I really did.

I get the not moving thing, I really do. But IF you ever do decide to come back to CA, San Diego is the way to go. It was 77° at our house yesterday. 90° is just wrong, especially in March.

Cleaning is on my to do list as well. Not for this weekend, but starting Monday. I have a different project each day...spring cleaning! I am ridiculously excited about it.

Have a fun weekend!

Jason said...

It's so hot here. It's almost too hot. Would be nice to have some relief. Is it possible to get tired of sun everyday? said...

You can never get too tired of sun, in my opinion.....rather have the heat than the cold. Rachel, how can I find cheap flights like you and your friends?? do I have to sign up for something?

Michelle said...

I am so gald you are not a private blog anymore. Yay! I love the seasons too. We got snow on Monday as well. I would love to go to Iceland. I have always thought it looked so beautiful! I will be your traveling partner!

Anonymous said...

I miss the pedi/brunch combo. Keep going strong for me on this with your Saturdays. xoxo