Saturday, April 2, 2011

Five years ago this weekend

Some of my best girlfriends and I came to New York for spring break in my last semester at BYU-Idaho. I look at these girls and wonder what they would have thought if someone told them what the next five years held. One would be married, a home owner, spending weekends on their boat and expecting their second baby. One would have followed a boy to LA, broken up, found another and gotten married, and then moved to Utah, back to LA, and then planned a move to New York. (Which happens next week!) One would have ended up marrying the guy she was dating off and on at the point this photo was taken, and then had two babies together. One would go through some huge heartaches, travel the world, be a bridesmaid in two of these girls' weddings, and be living happily in New York, working on Wall Street during the financial crisis of 2008. And another would head back to her roots in Texas, living happily with her boyfriend.

Thank you Shantay, Aimee, Jordan, and Toni for such amazing memories I will have forever. I still think of you all and the fun we had when I pass by the Milford Plaza, Waldorf Astoria, Sbarro's, and the Statue of Liberty.


Trish said...

It is amazing where life takes you! But I'm struck by how many of these people were married with multiple kids just five years after finishing school! I'm so grateful to have had five years (almost) of marriage before babies. The end. ;) said...

Where does the time fly!!!! Missing you honey and am so glad you are coming to Utah for Easter! Love you!

Shantay said...

AH that week was SO SO fun! I will literally never ever forget the "bloody discrace" that was SO hysterical! So much fun girls... and sounds like everyone is doing well! Where does the time go! 5 years seems like such a short time yet a lifetime ago!!

Austrie said...

I'm going to be a huge creeper right now and tell you how much i love your blog! I'm a student at BYUI and am obsessed w/ all your posts are just awesome. :)
Have a great day!