Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wifey's trip to NYC

I can't believe how long it's been since Shantay came out to visit.  It was the end of February and so cold, but of course we still had so much fun, like we alway do, no matter what we're doing.
Shantay flew out on a Thursday, and that night we went to dinner and got some cupcakes from Magnolia's.  

After enjoying our cupcakes.  One of the sickest photos ever, but I had to include it because we hardly took any.

Friday included sleeping in, facials at TriBeCa Beauty Spa, dinner at Max Brenner, the ballet with Ashley, Heidi, Karli, and Maria, and then the UWS Shake Shack.

At Max Brenner before the ballet.

At the New York City Ballet.  We saw different scenes from four different ballets including Swan Lake, and three others I now can't remember the names of.  They were all so good!

Saturday was (freezing!) and filled with a walk through Central Park, shopping, and going to a comedy club.

Shantay was very excited about one of my favorite shoe stores.  They really do have great shoes!!

One of the best subway acts I've ever seen.  A guy on the drums, another on the piano, and two girls who took turns clogging.  They were really good.  I rarely give donations but I had to with this group.  Not to mention, how the heck do you get a piano down to the subway??

Sunday we went to church, headed to Times Square to check out what shows were at TKTS, had lunch at John's Pizzeria (one of the only restaurants I've been to that doesn't make you claustrophobic,) headed home for a nap, and then saw Shopaholic.  (I could write a whole blog post on my feelings on that movie.  I had my suspicions before I saw it, and then they were confirmed.)

In Times Square on another collllld day.

On Monday poor Shantay had the traveling day from hell.  New York had a "snow" day (it really didn't seem that bad to me but some of my friends had the day off work) so she ended up going back and forth to JFK three times, due to flights being canceled, and then not, etc etc.  It's a long story.  She ended up getting as far as Salt Lake by late Monday night and then home to Boise on Tuesday, poor thing.
Shantay's been to New York twice before, so she'd done all the touristy things, so it was really nice and fun to just be able to hang out pressure free.  Every night we stayed up talking until the wee hours, laughing until our sides hurt, gossiping, and also having deep and serious conversations.  The best of all worlds.
I had so so much fun!!  Thanks for coming Shantay!!!


Janie's World said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun!!!

meggan said...

(I HATED Shopaholic)

Jason said...

Little weird you call her your "wifey" and you take pictures in front of hearts...and shoegasm...

Kris and Libby Brown said...

Girl you look good!!! Real Good!

Elise said...

i love your green dress.

Cyn said...

What great fun you two have. These are the best kinds of visits. Just hanging out, enjoying your normal type of day, with your compadre. I love the Time Square pic with the giant heart balloons and the shoestore name is funny. That's how we girls feel about our shoes.

Trish said...

Looking forward to your post on Shopaholic. We went and saw it while killing time in Hawaii. Yes, we had to kill time in Hawaii, if you can imagine. You look great--so thin!

Debbie said...

Looks like you had sooooo much fun! I love Shantay! She is such a cutie and such a crack up! so grea that she could come back for a visit!

Michelle said...

I love to shoegasm! So exhilerating!