Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I take it back...

Lake McKenzie is the second most beautiful place I've seen. The first is Whitehaven Beach. Un-freakin-real. Sailing was awesome. Hit up the Outback for 24 hours. So gorgeous but way too many flies.
I'm in Melbourne till Friday and then it's off to Sydney to finish the trip. Can't believe I only have three more days. It's flown by, but I also feel like I haven't been in NY in ages. On one hand I don't want to leave, but on the other hand, I've missed New York since I left. Funny how that happens.
Melbourne seems like an amazing city, I'm excited to check it out tomorrow (just arrived tonight.)
Yes, I've taken a MILLION pictures, so expect to see a LOT of posts with a LOT of pictures. Maybe my favorite (okay I have a million favorites) part of the trip so far was scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef. Amazing. Honestly amazing. I even saw a little Nemo peeking out of his little home. They're very shy fish so he was a little scared. I got to touch the little plant he lives in which is a little freaky. It immediately suctions to your fingers.
Anyway, I'm rambling. Gotta go to bed, so tired.

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AdriHutch said...

Sounds awesome! Can't wait to see pictures! Be safe!