Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer by the numbers

The current temperature, at 12:31am. I love summer nights in the city.

Seasons I've embraced. I am officially a seasons person. Earlier this week it was insanely humid and I didn't even care because this is New York in the summer. I love it all.

Mosquito bites on my right foot. I do not love those suckers. I get eaten alive in the park.

Steps from my apartment to Central Park.

Weekends I've been out of town since April 22nd.

Weekends I'll be out of town from now until Labor Day (not counting Labor Day.)

Percent of The Help I've read on my Kindle. Loving it.

Days until Maria moves to Utah. I hate it.

Number of sisters who will be in New York in a week (my mom and her sisters...and my grandma! Wahoo!)

Days till a full week off of work for vacation.

Years since I graduated high school. The reunion is in three weeks.

Years of my perfect grandma's life we're celebrating this month.

AM train my friends and I will be taking to the beach tomorrow.

Minutes I waited in line just to get into the Alexander McQueen exhibit at The Met tonight. Totally worth it. It was insanely beautiful and haunting. The best words I can think of to describe it.


Elise said...

3. Number of people that have told me to update my blog in the last 15 hours.

16. Minutes spent drafting a post in my head last night.

??. Percent chance that the post I mentally drafted was also a by the numbers recap (but of our week, rather than the summer thus far).

10. Times cooler your post is than mine was sounding.

0. Percent chance that I will actually sit down and type it.

chelse said...

love the numbers. Love that you're loving summer as much as I am.

I love seasons too.... as long as it is mostly warm. There's something magical about Hawaii though and how it's beautiful every day.

I have TONS of mosquito bits too. If I could kill one thing with my mind it would be mosquitos

I can just see you counting your steps to the park from you apartment. ha ha and then someone asks you a question and you forget and have to start over.

You're a party girl! Have you even been in NY for summer. and when do I get you on one of these vacations?

Hope you're having fun at the beach!

jill said...

you are always so busy busy. love it.

Anonymous said...

Love that you counted the steps to Central Park! And can I just say how amazingly jealous I am that you saw the McQueen exhibit! I've been trying to find pictures online lol