Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I've been up to

and the reader's digest version of what happened...

Nephews Spencer, Jared, and Hudson. I actually was not at this event, but Spencer was blessed in Salt Lake City. How cute are these boys???

April 21-24

Easter in Salt Lake City. Nephew Ryan and niece Megan coloring eggs. Lil cuties.

-spent a night with an old college friend

-spa day with Mom and Rebecca (Mom and I ended up staying seven hours and it was glorious)

-Z'tejas with old roomies Alli & Libby. Non. Stop. Laughter.

-spent the night with Alli and Toby and stayed up talking till 6am

-discussed grown up problems with Al and Tobes over brunch at Mimi's

-had emotional breakdown due to thinking about all my friends and tough things they're going through, and serious lack of sleep

-Cafe Rio with extended family

-more mexican food for a late dinner and a piano bar with a friend

-Sunday School at Grandma's church

-Relief Society at Aunt Vicki's church

-drove my mom and myself to SLC airport

May 6-8
Back to SLC for Kambria and Preston's wedding.

-Barely caught my flight due to a very confusing gate situation at JFK. Justin and Ellie were on my flight. Had the whole row to myself.

-Spent the night with Alli and Toby, stayed up talking, once again until after 6am. (Woke up two hours later....)

-"Brunch" at Maglebees. (I use quotes because no one does brunch like NYC.)

-Took advantage of the icredible weather and went shooting. (I swear this photo is decieving...Toby is further back than he looks. Also, I did not shoot. I haven't ever used a shotgun and I didn't want to take the chance of having that gun smack me in the face and having to go to the reception with a shiner.)

-Met up with my handsome date and then headed to the Hilton in downtown SLC for the reception.

-Had the best time seeing so many New York friends at the wedding, especially those who no longer live in New York. (Kam and Preston dated in New York and now live in SLC, so there was a good group of us at the wedding.)

-Enjoyed Kam bringing pieces of her heritage into her wedding. (Her Mexican viel, the Lebanese food, the father-daughter dance being a salsa dance.) It was so great and her dad's speech was one of the sweetest I've ever heard.

-Enjoyed spending Mothers' Day by going to church with Grandma, Aunt Terry, and Aunt Vicki.
-Made my flight back to New York just fine, was joined by Justin, Ellie, and Maria.

May 13-15 New Hampshire to finally meet little Spenc.
-Flew from Newark to Logan and decided I would suck it up and pay the extra cash and go that route from now on.

-Woke up early enough to be able to get Madeline up when she woke. Melted in half when she wasn't confused at all, knew who I was, and reached for me.

-Smothered both babies all weekend long.


-Laughed our heads off.
-Ate. And Ate and ate.

-Went to a Can't remember what it's called........

-Watched the Yankees/Sox game.

-Enjoyed the fact that I can always just be lazy and do nothing at Brad and Nadia's and still have the best time.
-Wondered why I let months go by in between visits.

-Was sad to leave, like always.

-Hung out at Logan airport for two hours due to plane delay, and another hour on the tarmak. Decided I will not fly next time....

May 20-22

-Took up 12 friends.

-Was a complete stress case, as usual.

-Had to call John while on his golfing vacation for the following: a door that was accidently locked and closed, a screen door that was locked open, and had to be taken apart (unnecessarily, we later realized,) a pool that would not heat up, and a friend who'd done a back dive into the pool and hit his head and had to be taken to the emergency room. (He was okay, thank goodness. Doctor glued up the gash in his head, gave him a neck brace, and sent him on his way. I think I was more tramatized than he was.)

-Played some hilarious truth or dare (yes, we're in our 20s and 30s.)

-Eating in the screened in porch.

-Watching the sun go down after the rain had come and gone, and the temperature was perfect, while on rocking chairs on the deck (my favorite moment.)

-Fire in the fireplace.

May 24 -Jason, Elise, and Hudson came into town and I was so excited. Seeing all the adorable photos Elise puts on their blog is like torture for an auntie 3000 miles away.

-Grabbed some din at Patsy's, followed by ice cream at Emack & Bolio's.

-Insisted on carrying Hudson the whole way to the restaurant, and a lot of the way back which resulted in a very sore arm.

May 25

-I'd told Jason and Elise I'd watch my little Huddy Buddy so they could go out one night.

-Ten minutes into being cooped up in the hotel (and after 10 hours in the office) auntie was stir crazy so we went for what turned out to be a four mile walk. This was my view all night, and I could not get enough. Hudson is the happiest most mellow baby. Ever.

Coming up:

-Houston this weekend for non stop laziness by the pool and on the boat at the Burns's.

-SLC the following weekend for my bday.

And then, a break from travel......for now.

PS I don't know why blogger suddenly made everything double spaced mid post but it's really annoying me and I couldn't fix it......


Trish said...

Blogger stinks. I sometimes spend more time editing the html coding...bleh.

anyway, that last picture? Those thighs? Goodness gracious. I'd be pinching those puppies all day long.

You've been busy lady! I'm a little envious. Going kind of stir crazy but sometimes too tired to attempt the trip out...

nerak said...

wowowowowow. you are one busy chica!

Elise said...

gun picture = rad.

also, please note that in the picture of my son eating a spoon, his onesie isn't snapped & the bottom is fully out of his pants. nice, huh?

love that pic of his chunky legs.

Anonymous said...

I love the recap and my shout-outs!!! We were so happy you were there! And I'm happy the Utah trip was so fun. I used air quotes the other day when referring to Utah brunch and Preston laughed at me lol I'm glad you agree xoxo

maggie said...

Blogger won't let me use the smallest size print. Wierdo blogger.

I could just squeeze those baby thighs in the stroller. So cute.

chelse said...

geez you're one busy woman. Well I can't wait to catch up when you life slows down. but I'm happy you're happy! I miss you more than you'll ever know! said...

Gun picture = well, you know how I feel about guns.....UGH!!! Shaking my head! Looks like you've been having some fun times and I will never forget our spa day and that we fell asleep after all our treatments and were in there 7 hours.......LOL! Great memories! Love you honey!

Michelle said...

It has literally been too long since I have blogged. Ugh. I am so jealous of all the time you get to spend in Utah. I swear, I live only one state away and can't manage to get back more than once/twice a year.

Brooke said...

You travel so much, and it makes me sad. The only plus side is I live with my family so I don't have much of a reason to need to travel but for personal vacations. Love this post. And yes, the babies are all super cute. And Hudson's toes are adorable and chubby!