Sunday, January 30, 2011

The laundry guy: an update

Sooooooo I took your advice and went out with the guy from my building. Ultimately, I figured, why not? And actually, I really wanted to ask him what was up with the laundry.

We met up last night at a bar around the corner and chatted for an hour and a half. I had a great time. He's a really cool guy, and I mustered up the courage to mention my unmentionables. His response? Shock and embarrassment. Not because I'd brought it up, but because it wasn't him, and he was super embarrassed that for a couple weeks I thought it was him. He seemed pretty genuine, and I don't know why he'd lie about it since obviously I was willing to overlook it and go out with him. We had a really good laugh about it and agreed we were both glad I brought it up so we could clear things up.

Now, a detail I left out of the last post (I know, how is it possible I left out any details with the length of the post?) The day before I'd gotten the note, I'd been telling Maria about what had happened. Then, since I got the note the very next day, I texted Maria, and here's our conversation:

January 17
R: Ummmmmmm, remember that story I told you last night? I was just walking through my lobby and the doorman said he had an envelope for me...
M: Shut the hell up!!! Tell me!!
R: This was in it. (Insert photo of the note.)
M: OMG! Call me if you can.
R: I'm just getting into a movie. Will call you after.
M: Okay, that is crazy and funny at the same time. "Dude, London was cool, but why did you touch my laundry?"
R: Right? You know what is also crazy? I'm on a completely empty row and a woman just sat RIGHT next to me. Awkward... I don't think I could talk to him without asking....Okay, movie's starting. So much to discuss.
M: Totally. Enjoy your movie knowing I'm googling laundry guy.
R: Haha. Do it.
M: He better not be the magician with the same name.
R: Oh my gosh I hope so. He told me he's an ambulance chaser. Maybe he's lying...maybe he's a panty rifling magician who owns mini ponies!!!!!!!!!! Augh!!!!!!

(My aversion to miniature ponies is another story for another day.)

M: I'm crying right now.
R: Haha. Talk to you soon.

So I didn't think twice about the whole magician thing. I figured, another guy with the same name. Whatever. Then, once I agreed to go out with him obviously I did my homework via google. Waaaaaait a miiiinuuuuuuute.........he IS a magician!!!!! WHAT?! I couldn't help but laugh and think it just made the whole story even better.

So, now back to last night. After we cleared up the laundry situation I admitted, "I have another confession........I'd told my girlfriend about the laundry, and then when you left me the note I told her about it. She googled you...." He got a little grin on his face like he knew what was coming. I had initially planned on trying to get it out of him, ya know, "What do you do when you're not in court....what are your hobbies...blah blah blah" but I get a little impatient and just would rather shoot straight.

I'll admit, I think magic is sort of cool. When I was in high school some of our family friends were staying with us and their son was into magic. He and I talked about it for hours and he showed me all sorts of tricks.

Anyway, so we talked about it for a while. He's definitely aware that it's super dorky, but he just owns it, which I like. And yes, I made him do a magic trick for me at the bar. He made my $10 bill float. It was so weird!!

We chatted for about an hour and a half and then I had to run off for a party. I had a great time, but ultimately, am I trying to date him? Not really. I'd go out again though, he was really cool and I had a good time. Hopefully I can phase it into the friend zone and then have a cool guy friend I can hang out with in the building. (I know what you're thinking, guys don't take girls out on dates to be friends. We'll see what I can finagle.)

Thanks for your advice friends.

PS He admitted to also googling me, and trying to find me on facebook, so I don't feel guilty, everyone does it.


Debbie said...

You said it while I was thinking it.....guys MOST the time cannot be just your mom

nerak said...


BAH. That's pretty amazing.

Elise said...

Glad you went out with him. And that he was cool. And that you confronted him about the laundry. Atta girl.

But a magician? Interesting...

Michelle said...

I love this story. How random. I want to be you when I grow up. You should write a book. Seriously.

Kamari Copeland said...

That was the most tremendous story I've ever read. LOL