Sunday, January 9, 2011


I made it to London in one piece and have been going pretty nonstop since I got here.
I was so exhausted and hungry after I landed so I got some food at the airport and then hopped on the tube to meet Karen. We met near her work and then she took me to her flat. She's only been in London six weeks but she seems to adjust pretty quickly.
We got back to her place and chatted with her flatmate for a bit, and then I took a nap, which was so needed.
After I got up and showered we got ready for New Year's Eve. The party we were going to was circus themed so we dressed up like marionette puppet dolls. It was pretty cute.
We met six of her friends at the party at South Bank Centre at 8pm and didn't leave until it ended at 2am. It was a total blast.
The building was huge so there was lots going on. There was a great band called Bellowhead playing. There was food, circus acts, and other bands, and my favorite part, a silent disco. Everyone was given headphones and could listen to two different stations being DJed. So there we were, all dancing and singing, but if you took your headphones off it was silent except for random scuffs, claps, and some voices singing along. It was SO FUN. I danced like a crazy woman.
Karen's friends were great. Very friendly and welcoming. I found it very easy to be myself.
At about 11:30 we went to a room that had a great view of Big Ben and the London Eye. At midnight we counted down and then watched the best fireworks show I've ever seen. It was ten minutes long.
Then we spent the next almost two hours at the silent disco and then listening to the band. I was exhausted. It took us probably 40 minutes to get on the tube because so many stations were closed and there were so many people out in the streets. Definitely thousands. Luckily the weather was mild.
We finally got home around 3am or so. What a great New Year's Eve.
I'd love to write about today but I'm so tired...I may have to play catch up tomorrow.
Today was also a great day!


Elise said...

Ok. Silent disco is the best idea ever. I pretty much do that around the house when I am cleaning. But a whole room full of people? Amazing.

And I feel like I have seen that on a movie?

Michelle said...

I bet the energy was just amazing! I am so jealous of you right now. Where is the next journey for you?

Debbie said...

The Silent Disco?? That is such a great idea......especially for the chaperones....LOL! Looks like you had such a great time! So much energy!

nerak said...

Seriously, I can't get over what a trooper you were to be out until 3 am after jetlag + traveling + time difference. Amazing.

chelse said...

ahhh I didn't know you had been posting this whole time! How freaking fun! I'm in love with all those fireworks! I'm so happy you're a blogger again