Friday, November 13, 2009

Rue La La!

I love my Vera Bradley duffel.  It's the perfect weekend bag.  It holds as much as a carry on size suitcase, it's easy to carry, and it's fashionable.  I also love that I got a Very Bradley garment bag that retails for $130, for $50.  I belong to this members only site called Rue La La that has super good deals on designer items.  I don't typically like to join sites like these because 20-30% off items that are over priced still doesn't make a good deal to me, however everything I've looked at has been at least 50% off, which is totally worth it.  My friend got some Hunters Wellies for $49.99!  (They retail for $149.99.)  If you want in you can use my link.  
Happy shopping!


kimmy said...

i've heard of gilt group but not this site! thanks for the link! i like what i see on gilt, but it is ALWAYS so hard to nail something before it gets in another person's cart.

maggie said...

I love Vera Bradley. I go to their outlet sale every spring and they have some good deals! Thanks for the link, love a good deal on anything!

Cyn said...

It's really cute and stylish. Great bargain!

Debbie said...

ou, la, la! Love that bag! I might have to get one of those one day.....adorable! Glad you had fun shopping! I cleaned out the pantry and the kitchen floor yesterday...LOL. Love you honey!
Just looked at the clock and it's late back there.....I will call you tomorrow!