Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I suck at updating my blog

According to Jason. It's true though, I know I do. I just haven't been motivated to blog. I have a draft from Halloween but just haven't made a point to finish it.
During the day I always think of things I wanna blog about, but when I get home I just don't feel like it. It's not a lack of time really, I just haven't been up to it. In a bit of a funk I suppose. Sorry.
To make up for my laziness, here's at least a quick recap of the latest:
-Yankees won. Had a few viewing parties. Was ecstatic by the win, but happy to see the season come to an end. Baseball is quite the commitment.
-Went to Boston Halloween weekend with friends for a conference. Got to see Bradialine, and my mom for two extremely short hours. Dressed up fancy formal Halloween night for a masquerade ball. So. Much. Fun.
-Been busier at work. The boss man is traveling internationally a ton lately. He continues to be the best boss, and I constantly feel like the luckiest girl to work for him.
-It's also high stress time at the bank. Bonus numbers are headed our way in three months and tensions are high. It's always the worst day of the year, for reasons that aren't neccessarily obvious if all you know about Wall Street is what you learn from the media.
-I'm sticking around the city for Thanksgiving since I have to work Friday, and I'm okay with that. Thanksgiving in NY is a lot of fun and a nice mellow holiday. Hoping to make it to Boston for at least part of the weekend.
-Looking forward to all the visitors and weekends away that will start happening every weekend from Thanksgiving through New Year's.
-I'm constantly overwhelmed and overjoyed by the people who surround me. My friends are so extremely talented it's unreal. Typically I can't make it through listening to my roommate Libby sing one song with choking up (or sobbing) because she's THAT phenomenal. I love her so much and want nothing more than for her to get a show.
-Sitting on a plane right now heading to San Antonio to meet up with Dad for the day. A long trip, but it's been two decades in the making.
-Lastly, before I shut off my phone, my coworker bought me this Yankees snuggie when I was devastated I couldn't go to the Yankees parade that runs in front of my apartment. Thank you Cyrus!!

Love to all.


Jamie said...

i was in a blogging funk for a while too. i went a whole month recently without, a whole month! weird, huh?! anyways...i envy you that you will spend the holidays in new york...i still haven't ever been there and it just seems like there is something magical there during the holidays {according to movies, haha}. hope you had fun in san antonio!

maggie said...

That snuggie is hilarious! I hope your funk goes away, I miss reading your updates! Have fun in San Antonio!

Elise said...

snuggie = pure bliss.

good friends are the best. i'm happy that you are surrounded by good people.

excited to be one of those visitors. :)

Allison and Noah Riley said...

Hey Rae! No worries - you totally don't creep me out :), I'm glad you enjoy the blog!

I think we really will enjoy the area, we're loving it so far. Glad to hear you've had such a good experience here!