Friday, October 9, 2009

Letting it go

You know when people say something totally rude, and it sort of puts you in a bad mood and ruins part of your day?  That's about how I'm feeling today.  I got to work early, had a decent day, was having a pretty good wardrobe, hair, and makeup day, and basically feeling pretty good.  I was anxiously looking forward to the end of the day because that means three day weekend, but things were going well.  Then at about 3:45 rude coworker has to go and say the snottiest thing, loud enough for anyone within a ten foot radius to hear, implying my level of work ethic is SO below hers.  I went from zero to furious in about 2 seconds.  I honestly almost threw the *f-bomb at her.  I was totally annoyed the next hour until I could get out of the office.  (I don't typically leave before 5, but considering it's a long weekend and usually we get out at 2 before long weekends, everyone was leaving early.)

Finally I left the office and tried to just forget it and came home.  I was just decompressing and getting excited about my trip to Rhode Island tomorrow with friends when I get a phone call from a random number I don't recognize.  I answered and it's some dude starting to talk to me about the government grant I supposedly signed up for on some website.  I was very confused and was about to tell him it was a mistake, but then decided to let him go on, to see how it played out.  I honestly let him speak probably another 10 seconds before I finally said to him something along the lines of, "You know what I'm actually really confused what you're talking about and think there's some sort of mistake.  Can you please take me off your calling list?"  This dude copped me major attitude and starts telling me how I should have said that sooner.  Before I can even respond he hung up on me!!  Ugh.  So annoyed.

Now after typing this all out (and venting to my roommate) I actually feel a little better.  Maybe that caller guy just had his coworker say something really rude to him before he called me.  Caller, I forgive you.

Alright.....letting it go.  Looking forward to the trip this weekend, looking forward to relaxing, looking forward to getting behind the wheel and having the freedom of driving, looking forward to s'mores, looking forward to laughing, looking forward to making new friends and becoming closer with older friends.


I feel better.  Thanks.

*I never have, nor would I ever (hopefully) throw the f-bomb at someone. 


Ang said...

It's so true (and too bad) that we let other people's unhappiness bring us down. That's why they're rude, you know. At least that's what I tell myself everytime someone is mean to me. It wasn't my problem to begin with, so why should I let their problem be mine now?

brenna said...

Gotta love coworkers...