Thursday, October 15, 2009

New York, sometimes I don't like you

Today I was at the eye doctor for two and a half hours.  Two and a half hooooours.  Bleh.  Then I went to check out and found out my insurance doesn't cover ANY of the cost of contacts and to get a year's supply it's going to cost me $350.  Awesome.

Then I left and walked to the 6.  While I was walking I was thinking, "This is one of those nights that's just miserable and I don't love it here."  So dang cold, wishing I had gloves on, rainy and windy, wishing I was in boots because my feet were freezing in their flats with no socks.  I was trying to dodge puddles, all while squinting because my vision wasn't totally back to normal from the drops the doctor put in.
I only made it half way through Park Avenue (to an island in the middle of the street) before the line turned green and as I was standing there I got the old car drives by and splashes freezing water up on me.  Awesome.  I stood there thinking, "Is there anything more pathetic?"
I finally made it to the 6, only to see a bunch of people waiting on the platform.  Usually this is a good sign because it means a train hasn't come for a while, and one should be coming soon.  Usually.

I stood there while four uptown 6 trains came and left.  (Not to mention, I had nothing to read because I'd finished my book at the doctors, and randomly didn't have a magazine with me.)  After a downtown 6 came without stopping and then a fifth uptown train came and went I decided to brave the weather and schlep the 8 blocks down to Grand Central to catch the 4/5.

I went through the turnstile only to find out where I was trying to exit was closed.  So now I had to pay to get back into the subway.  I swiped my card, but it wouldn't work because it hadn't been 18 minutes since the last swipe (it had been like 15.)
As I dug for my wallet what pulled up?  A downtown 6 train.  I honestly considered just hopping over the turnstile.

The good news is I paid so dang quick for my single use ticket and made it on that stupid train.
New York, I love you, but I don't always like you.


Elise said...

I hate, hate days like this. Sorry.

I made a Halloween dancing video & put you in it. Thought it would make you laugh & feel better after your tough afternoon.

Turbo said...

Yuck. Blame it on the stupid MTA.

Trish said...

Snafu!! Eeeks. I guess we don't always have to like where we live--good thing you normally love it.

Was Speak the one that you had just finished?

Steve and Rebecca said...

Why are you going to an eye doctor when Steve can hook you up???

KALI said...

it is so foreign to me to use any type of transit system. I think I would be a lost soul in that state. I can't believe you live in New York!