Tuesday, June 16, 2009


  • I think I'll make that little pit stop in Vegas when I head to Rexburg in August.
  • I think it might be a sign I know my boss too well when I know exactly (without ever having been told) where he misplaced his gym shorts last summer.
  • "Buy your wife a rubber band wedding ring!  Why buy a diamond you'll still be paying for 18 months into marriage when you have to start paying for divorce court?"  I heard this while standing in line for the Treats Truck.  The Treats Truck lady and I shared a good laugh.
  • I don't know if I'll ever get used to the idea that friends move away, and coworkers change.  Sometimes I really hate the industry in which I work.  Yesterday I got in and after I'd just made a bagel (french toast flavored, thanks Nad!) everyone was hugging Catherine and wishing her luck.  What the heck is going on??  She and Tumolo had quit that morning.  I hate hate hate that when someone is let go, or quits, it's immediate.  I usually know when someone's being let go just before it happens, however not always, and sometimes there's no goodbye because after they're called to HR they can't return to their desk.  Freaking sucks.  I hate to lose people in my life.  The good news is it's nice to have friends all over the country (and world!) but still, I hate not seeing them all the time.  Heidi takes off for Sin City next week and I just can't even imagine not getting to see her always smiling face every week.  You know those people that are just such low maintenance friends, and always happy, and always bring so much to the party, and everyone just adores?  That's Heids.  :(
  • I don't consider myself someone who's always got a boyfriend, or who's even dated a lot. For some strange reason, about 80% of my dating has occurred in New York.  Don't get me wrong,  I have no complaints and the city is a wonderful place to date, but it is such a small little island and I feel like I may need to move soon just to escape all the emotional ties to restaurants, streets, stores, neighborhoods, even subway lines.  When oh WHEN will I quit feeling that little tug on my heart upon seeing these past places with fond (or not so fond) memories attached?  Even when they remind me of boyfriends I am so over?
  • I feel like lately so many people have mentioned Golden Spoon on facebook.  It makes me really miss it, and really crave it.  I had Pinkberry today, which I love, but it's just not the same.
  • I am so so so SO excited to see the Killers this September!!  I'm so glad Emilee, Ashley, and Maria (maybe??) are coming with me!  Last time I saw them in 2007 I was on a high for weeks.
  • My lease is coming to an end in two and a half months and the thoughts of moving make me iiiiilllllll.  However, anyone who's lived in New York knows how REEE-DIC-u-lously difficult it is to find an apartment/neighborhood/roommates/rent that makes you satisfied to quit looking around.
  • I could NOT be more thrilled for Chelse and Ryley's wedding in August in Rexburg!!!  I LOVE that Chelse's nabbed herself such an amazing guy who treats her like the sun revolves around her, and am so excited to have a reason to go back to the old stomping grounds, AND I get to see my grandparents in Rexburg, AND I get to see my grandma in Salt Lake.  Can't wait for August 21!!!
  • I can't stop thinking about where I want to go/what I want to do for the 4th of July.  I keep thinking Miami.  Thoughts?
  • The CW helped me put together my bike today-hooray!!  It's 90% done.  I just need to get a couple wrenches from Charlie at work tomorrow so I can attach the handle bars, and then borrow Chateaux's tire pump and away I go!!  (Pictures to come, obviously.)
  • I was spending way too much money on myself at the spa a couple weeks ago for my birthday and decided while I was at it I'd make the bill a little bigger by throwing in some Pureology shampoo and conditioner.  BEST. DECISION. EVER.  Honestly.  Every time I wash my hair I feel like I'm in the salon.  My scalp totally tingles when I put on the conditioner, and my hair blow dries more straight than ever.  I barely have to flat iron it.  Today, I didn't even.  It obviously didn't look at straight as when I do, but I think I pulled it off.  Heaven.  Ladies, treat yourself.  You won't regret it.
  • Ummmm, it's the middle of June and the girls and I had to wear jackets, yes jackets to dinner tonight.  Last I checked every June I've lived here it's been 85 degrees with about 100% humidity.  We've had rain, oh, about 8 of the last 10 days, and the "nice" day today was overcast and in the 60s.  What??  Global Warming is something Al Gore made up.
  • Sometimes I'm on the UWS and I really wish I lived there.  I'm just sayin'.
  • I'm already thinking/plotting what I'll do for Thanksgiving this year.  I WANT TO GO TO THAILAND!  But I think maybe only one really far country can happen this year. Hmm...
  • I still really really want a dog.
  • I've been watching last season's 24 with a buddy of mine and I think it's maybe not the best idea.  Keifer makes me hot.  Like, really.  There.  I said it.  I may have even uttered to said male friend, "Isn't that voice just so sexy?"  Consider yourself warned.
  • I got a Zip Car membership, and the possibilities of freedom are almost too much excitement for me to handle.
  • To say I'm grateful for my friends would not do my feelings justice.  You are truly, truly one of my greatest blessings, and I wish I could put into words how much you mean to me.  I can't even express my gratitude without choking up.  Thank you.
  • I feel like the luckiest girl alive to live so close to Brad, Nad, and Mad.  They make me so happy.  Dear future husband: I really hope you either share my sense of humor, or have a lot of patience, because we're pretty ridiculous when we're together.
  • It's really very nice to sit down for ice cream and talk things out and be able to leave with both parties understanding the other, and better off for having had that discussion.  Thank goodness for mature girls.
  • Yes, I'm still trecking away on the Book of Mormon.  Don't worry.
  • I'm thankful for rekindled friendships.
  • I told myself I'd be in bed by 9.  It's 11.
  • I need to get Yankee tickets.  I haven't been to the new stadium and even though I'm following them, I've been a neglectful fan.  Who wants to go?
  • I really love Taylor Swift.  And Coldplay.  And I've been listening to Moon River nonstop.


katherine said...

My shampoo and conditioner are just about gone and I was considering ordering Pureology--I think you've convinced me. Can't wait to see pictures of your bike!

Debbie said...

I love reading all your thoughts but what do all the initials mean?? I love Taylor Swift and Cold Play as well. Maybe I should get their CD's. when their songs come on, I turn it up loud. I love listening to music cranked up because it is always so quiet here. Come home for Thanksgiving!!! Are you really going to las Vegas?? I could meeet you over there. I want to try and come and see you in NY this summer too......I miss you and love you!!!!

AdriHutch said...

Hey Rach! When are you coming to Vegas? We will need to meet up and go to Golden Spoon (sorry for the facebook mention) :) We are going to Rexburg in August also. We will be there the first of the month though. My girls are obsessed with Taylor Swift. They know every word to every song. Rob said, "I don't know how I feel about my little girls saying I wanna kiss you in rain!"

Kate McNeil said...

I've heard so many good things about Pureology but I'm such a cheapskate I can't buy it!

Nadia said...

I love the "Dear future husband" post and of course the one above it. :)
He will also have to learn and love the rules to singing Old Mcdonald had a Farm...

Elise said...

I love Pureology. My sister always buys it for me for my birthdays & Christmas and it is the best.

Have you tried Yogurtland? My friend took me there in San Diego a couple weeks ago & then I took Jason & your dad in Mission Viejo last weekend and it is really good. Self-serve, cheap ($.30/ounce), and really creamy. They have vanilla wafer flavor & it is so, so good.

Taylor Swift & Coldplay are great. I wanted to go to her concert in San Diego last month, but it sold out. Last night, the YW told me about this new girl that sounds like Taylor Swift, but I forgot her name. I'll find out & tell you.

Oh & I'll forever be jealous of the Treats Truck. That is my dream come true.

Okay, I'm done now. :)

kimmy said...

Thailand? Seriously? I would be SO on board for that trip!! I went to Puerto Rico last Nov and I felt like it was the PERFECT time of year to go somewhere HOT and tropical so I have been scheming for another November (Veterans day or Thanksgiving) trip ever since. I have a million ideas. I think we need to coordinate our vaca efforts :)

Michelle said...

If you really like Taylor Swift, check out this video...

melissa said...

so many things to say i don't even know where to start - i think you and i should take a trip for thanksgiving... and if not, then maybe i'll just come to you! i need some beautiful fall foliage!!! i love these posts full of random thoughts!

Brad Hope said...

And 'you know who' likes to 'Ride on the bus with the wheels going round and round'

Jamie said...

i loved reading all your thoughts rach...thanks for always being so honest! love it!

Jason said...

You joined Zip car? That is so cool! I wish they had some of those cars parked around Encinitas and I'd totally be a member instead of driving the scoot all the time or buying another car. Lucky!