Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm a horrible daughter

My dad came out here three(!) months ago.  Sadly, probably two months ago he mentioned not seeing his "shout out" on my blog.  I told him it would be up soon.  Apparently soon means too months these days.  I'm sorry Dad!!
We had such a fun weekend.  My dad's been out here a few times since I've lived here, but it's always just been for dinner, or a Yankee game.  It was fun to have him out for a few days.
He arrived into JFK Saturday afternoon and we took the train into the city.  After getting settled into the hotel we headed for my favorite place, the Brooklyn Bridge.  It was a nice night and we didn't ever put on our jackets once.  We crossed the bridge and then stood in line for Grimaldi's pizza.  My dad was very skeptical of the pizza, wondering if it would be good enough to wait in line outside, especially considering how hungry we both were.  Luckily he loved the pizza.

Sunday we went to my ward.  My dad couldn't get over the church and how it looked like any other building.

After church we headed to TKTS in Times Square and got tickets for Stomp.  We got dinner, changed, and then headed to the show.  On our way to the theater in the LES we saw Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard.  She was gorgeous.
If you haven't seen it Stomphighly recommend it.  It was sooo entertaining, funny, and nice to go to a show that was family friendly.

Monday we got a bit of the late start to the day.  We ate brunch at Good Enough to Eat (one of my favorite brunch spots), and then went to the MoMA.  This is my favorite of all the museums I've been to in the city.

With Monet's Water Lillies.

Can't remember the name of this artist or painting, but my dad was so excited to see it.

After the museum we headed to a taping of Letterman.  I was SO happy to be able to get tickets for my dad, as he is the reason I've developed a love for Dave, and he's the biggest fan I know.  When I got that call at church the day before that we'd gotten lottery tickets I thought my dad was going to fall over from excitement.  
We got pretty good center seats, and when Dave came out to talk to the audience the first time my dad was screaming like a maniac.  I don't know if I've ever seen him so excited.

After the show we walked about a half a mile to get Magnolia's cupcakes.  Mmmm.  So good.  Then we walked through Central Park, and then down 5th Ave so my dad could pick up his rental car.  It was a chilly grey day, but it was nice to just be together and walk.  We probably walked close to four miles that day.
After getting my dad's car he dropped me off at my apartment and we said goodbye.  It was such a fun weekend.  Come back soon Dad!!


nerak said...

Cute church outfit, love that dress! Sounds like such a fun weekend. Oh and the first time I went to the Moma, I sat and stared at that Monet piece for like an hour. LOVE IT SO MUCH.

Elise said...

i'm glad you were able to take your dad to david letterman.

i need to plan myself another little trippy out there...

Debbie said...

So glad you had so much fun with your Dad! I had no idea that you did all that! good times, good memories for you both! And yep, your Dad is a big Letterman fan!!

mikeperkes said...

The painting your dad was excited to see is Christina's World by Wyeth. I LOVE the 4th and 5th floors at the MoMA...