Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm in a new relationship.

Best decision I have EVER made. I feel like life has just begun. So in love. 


Brown Girls said... your bike, so cute i want one jealous about the brit concert. i wanna go so bad your side bar...all the celeb sightings, so cool..again jealous
4.i love that you put for my link cindy+jake+blaine+JUNIOR!! thanks for not forgetting him. LOVE YOU

maggie said...

love it. and a little bit jealous! enjoy the ride!

Reagan said...

I know what you mean. When I got marsha I was like "why haven't I had a bike every second of my life?".

ps Your bike is a total beaut by the way. I mean, I love my old girl marsha (1970ish?), but your bike is so.dang.fine, lady! I bet you two attract lots of attention, eh?

Trish said...

My favorite part about this bike is that it is pink. I LOVE pink. I want a bike, but I don't think I'd ever ride it. Too dang hot here.

Elise said...

i. want. one.

Michelle said...

I love that bike. I think it is Chanel that makes a street bike, it is like $18,000. I love it!