Sunday, December 14, 2008


So I'm not a huge Gossip Girl fan, at all.  I'd quite watching it, but I will admit to watching the last few episodes.  I guess at this point it's just one of those shows I'll watch if I have nothing better to do, and let's face it, at this point in my life I've sort of gone into a reclusive antisocial phase so I have my fair share of spare time.
So my friend Monica at work mentioned to Catherine, Liz, and I that her friend worked for Teen Vogue and they were having a Gossip Girl party that night at Louis Vuitton on 5th Ave, and she could get us on the guest list if we wanted.  Hmmmm, I don't exactly hate the show, so I should go, right?
It was a miserably hideous night weather wise, but I still made the mad dash downtown to get spruced up a bit, then back to midtown for the party.
Jessica Szohr was the only cast member at the party, as the others were filming and one was sick, but it was still fun to see her.  She is definitely way thinner, and so gorgeous in person.  She was also super nice.
We chatted about all the fans in our office (most of the girls are obsessed) and shopping (she loves Urban Outfitters.)
There were also a few other celebs as well, such as Amber Tamblyn, and Kim from cycle 5 of America's Next Top Model.  She is actually a lot smaller than I'd imagine.  There were a few other girls there who looked super familiar, but I just couldn't put my finger on who they were.  There were also a lot of models, and boy, you definitely should have seen them posing for the photogs.  Wow.  
Overall it was a really fun night.  The Teen Vogue crew were actually super friendly to those of us that weren't exactly VIP.  The LV store was really cool.  They were offering makeovers and manicures which was fun, and the hors douvers were really good.  And the best part?  Since it was Teen Vogue there were underage girls there, which mean Martinellis in the fancy champagne glasses.  Something fun for me!
I can honestly say I'm so happy I don't work in that industry though; talk about insecurities being brought to the surface.  Everything there was so tall, so thin, so gorgeous, and had amazing clothes.
I prefer to stay in my sheltered little life and enjoy these parties every now and then.  :)


Maria said...

Excuse me...what?! How did you not mention this to me when I saw you this weekend? Something like this is worth bringing up in a convo...HA! You look great!

michellekae said...

Sounds like that was really fun!!!

Kate McNeil said...


but i have to agree with you on the not hanging out with skinny girls all the time, haha.

maggie said...

That is so fun you got to do that! Love hearing all the fun stuff you do in nyc!!

Elise said...

cute dress. i love the neckline.

Bradia said...

I dont get it......
I read the who entry and didnt recognize one name.....

maybe I am the lame one.......but i doubt it