Saturday, December 20, 2008

It baffles me...

...that customer service can really be that bad in New York.  Honestly.  You'd think I'd just be used to it by now but it never ceases to surprise and annoy me.  Honestly, it's so bad!  
I was just at Target in the (very slow) check out line and when I get up front I politely say hello to the checker and how she is.  I get a very mumbled, "fine", I think.
Then when she finishes putting everything in bags one has way too many items so I ask for another bag.  I get the eye roll and sigh, then the bag.  I tell her in a sincere tone, "Thank you so much."  No response.  I then end the not so pleasant conversation with, "Have a good day."  No "you too", no "thanks", not even an acknowledgement of my existence.
Not a huge deal, but honestly this is pretty much my experience in every store I go into whether it's Target, Duane Reade, H&M, etc.  Basically if you go to any sort of affordable store you're getting crap customer service and it's so annoying!!!


nerak said...

You know, the bad customer service in NY has made me a bad customer in AZ. I feel awkward when people approach me in stores, or start chatting me up at the grocery store checkout. Am I a snob? Perhaps.

Julie M. said...

It was the same for us in Michigan. I think it's funny to make people feel awkward...I always chat it up. Guess I'm a nerd! :) (No offense nerak)!

maicher said...

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