Sunday, December 14, 2008

The weekend

Friday night took a random 6:30-8:30pm nap.  For some reason I've been so exhausted after work lately.  If I sit down when I get home I'm sure to be falling asleep by 7pm.  Needless to say I didn't feel like going out so I bought The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants II on demand.  It was cute.
Saturday I actually got myself up and out the door by 10:45am.  A total feat for me.  I hate to still be in the "sleep in super late and waste my day away" mode, but it's hard not to when you live in a bedroom with no window.
I met up with Dan for brunch at Alice's Teacup (he assured me he wasn't too many for it.)  As boring as this sounds, I highly recommend the granola and yogurt.  I've gotten it the last two times I went and it's SO GOOD.
I didn't spend too much time out and about as it was so cold.  I was disappointed because the weatherman said mid 30s and it was super sunny which usually isn't too cold but it was just ridiculous.  
I made it home around 3 and finished the movie I couldn't stay awake for the night before, and then followed it with a nap.  (Apparently I'm like a bear.....I like to spend my winters hybernating.)
Saturday night Britt, Whit, and Carly and I schlepped clear up to West 105 for the annual Holiday Sweater party.  Everyone had some pretty sweet ensembles and as soon as I can find my cord to upload photos I'll post them.
Yes, that's right, I can't find my cord!  I think maybe I left it in California over Thanksgiving but I'm not sure.  Sad.
Today was a fab day at church, as always.  We had our Christmas program in Sacrament Meeting which is something I always look forward to.
It's going to be a crazy week, with a few Christmas parties, meeting up with friends, etc, but I'm looking forward to the festivities.


linds said...

are you coming home for christmas???

Nerak said...

i'm glad you went all the way to 105th b/c i'm so happy i got to run into you!

maggie said...

I have been hibernating too. Must be the cold.

Elise said...

mmmm. Alice's Tea Cup. My first NYC experience & a delicious one at that!

Debbie said...

I loved Alice's Tea Cup....we went to both the East Side and the West side ones.....on different days of course.