Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thirty before thirty


I'm a big list person. I've got a bucket list, a New York bucket list, a baseball bucket list, and now a before thirty bucket list. Besides the gratification that comes from crossing something off a list, there's just a lot of things I want to do and see, and I worry I'll forget some of them if I don't put them on a list. The beauty of having a real deadline only fifteen months away is items that at one point were things I wanted to do "someday" will now actually happen. When you tell yourself someday you want to do something, odds are, someday never comes. I have always worked better when I had a deadline. As a kid my dad used to ask me to tell him a time I would have my room cleaned by, it always got done this way. I would still procrastinate, but it got done.
Some people make a bucket list every year with the number of items being the number of years they're turning. I always think it sounds like a great idea and the next thing I know I'm three months into my new year and I think, eh, too late. However, thirty is a big birthday. As a kid I remember hearing that when you turn forty you're over the hill, but I always remember thinking thirty sounded a lot more difficult because it meant you weren't a kid anymore. I don't really feel like it will be difficult to turn thirty, I certainly don't feel as old as it sounds when I hear about someone else turning thirty, and I don't believe in being embarrassed or ashamed of your age. I think you should be proud. I would like to welcome thirty knowing I have lived a really great life, and have accomplished thirty goals. Here they are:

1. Get SCUBA certified
This plan is already in motion. Three years ago I did an intro dive in Australia and absolutely loved it. I've been saying ever since then that I'd like to get certified, but have I done it? No. Every time I'd think about it I didn't want to spend the money, but guess what? Now I have a deadline. My family is going to Kauai in July and I want to dive. And the best part? Jason and my dad are getting certified too!

2. Take another solocation
I thought I'd like it the first time, but I had no idea I'd love it.

3. Run a half marathon
This should be interesting

4. Take a photography class
It's about time I dusted off that nice camera I spent so much money on and learn how to really use it.

5. Make my blog into some books
How devastating would it be if blogger suddenly crashed? I would never forgive myself.

6. Hit a specific financial goal
I have the details in my mind.

7. Go to the Caribbean
I've lived on the east coast five years and the only time I've been to any island was when I went to Puerto Rico when I was sixteen. Doesn't count.

8. Visit Asia
There are two continents I still want to see and Asia is one of them (Africa is the other.) There's a handful of places in Asia I'd like to go and I at least know some people in cities I'd like to see there.

9. Read the Book of Mormon again.

10. Take a fantastic road trip
I'd like to say cross country (on my master bucket list) but I'm not sure there's time for that on this list.

11. See New Orleans
It's been on my short list for a few years now.

12. Read The Yankee Years and give it back to Dad
It's been sitting on my shelf for over a year.

13. Hike the Y
I really don't care much about hiking, but when I found out this summer that it's like...a mile? I wondered why I've never done it. I mean, I've never lived in Provo, but still.

14. Have a great first kiss

15. Go to the Museum of Natural History
Almost four years I worked at HSBC and had free admission but I never went. Now I've lived eight blocks away for a year and a half and I still haven't gone. I've heard it's great and quite honestly I'm sick of seeing it across the street and feeling guilty every time I'm at the Shake Shack.

16. Lose ten pounds
I'd like to lose more than that, but let's be realistic.

17. Hike the Hollywood sign
Am I the only one who didn't know you could do this? Recently I've heard of a few people doing it and it sounds kind of cool.

18. See my ancestor's name at Ellis Island

19. Volunteer at a soup kitchen

20. Tour Yankee stadium

21. Do something that scares me

22. Go to a taping of a tv show
Not Letterman, only because I've been twice.

23. Go to the Hamptons

24. Sunbathe topless

25. Take a spur of the moment trip

26. Put some color in my hair

27. Make a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting

28. One a month journaling about where I am in life

29. TBD

30. TBD

This is where I need your help. I was really inspired by some other 30 before 30 lists, and I'd love some suggestions. I don't think I'll have the time and resources for any other trips. What's on your list? What do you think should be on mine?


kimmy said...

i LOVE this! i am with you on #7... i will go anywhere anytime!! and i've done #24... highly recommend, its liberating!!

Sean and Becky said...

Sean said to, "not be so old fashioned." Baha! Then he said, learn to play golf. (They actually have amazing courses in Hawaii too!) And Rachel, DON'T COLOR YOUR HAIR! You have beautiful hair, why do you think Nole and I were always jealous?! Once you start you can't me, I know. You and Chelse with your naturally gorgeous biotches. :) Maybe another goal could be, another girls trip?!?!

Elise said...

You can double (or triple up, right?) - Take a last minute (#25) solo (#2) trip to the Caribbean (#7), where you hang topless for a bit (#24).

I, too, have recently read/heard about people hiking the Hollywood sign. I'd be totally in. Ditto for the Y, if we are ever in Provo together (doubtful). I lived there 4 years and never did it. And I call myself an alum! Sheesh!

Half marathon. I decided after my last one that I would try to run one within one year of having my babies. I already have my 2012 race picked out - early November. I have to be kind of picky since I don't want to do Sunday races. As much fun as it would be to run together, coming all the way out here for a race is quite expensive, but if you want to... But, if you found one around the same time, we could follow the same training schedule and check in with each other virtually. For me, it helps have someone else holding you accountable. I know I mentioned this, but I seriously miss running. I used to run because I felt like I should, that it was good for me, yada yada. But a few weeks into my training last time, something changed & I really started to enjoy & look forward to my runs. That race was really good for me!

Anonymous said...
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chelse said...

I love these! You inspire me to make a 30 before 30 list! I agree with becky on not coloring your hair. It's perfect as is! Personally my goals would be....
1. do something that scares the shit out of me.
2. learn to play the guitar
3. be debt free
4. go on a month or longer vaca
you probably have already done all those.... Oh one should definitely be come visit Chelse!!!

Trish said...

I didn't raed through the comments so forgive if someone already mentioned. You can back up your blog and should do so immediately. Just go into your settings, and EXPORT your blog. Don't worry--this won't do anything except just save the XML document. That way if you do lose your blog, you still have all the data (including comments!). it now.

I must have kids on the mind because I read Great first kiss and great first kid. Oops!

Hmmm--you can definitely sunbathe topless in the Caribbean--especially the French islands. And I so want to visit Asia.

chloe said...

1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, 11, 14, and 27 (I could get us in for free if you don't have that ability with your job)...I will be with you on any of these. ANY.

Additional thoughts:
Take a cooking class (I would totally do this with you)
Make your own art (a photo, a painting, pottery...)
Go to the temple (yeah...that's coming from me)
Learn how to play an instrument
Come visit Chloe in whatever cool place she ends up living this fall

maggie said...

I'd do a half with you! It's hard, but worth it!

Kambria said...

Love this list! I totally want to publish my blogs into a book for fun. You motivated me to look into it. So many good things, good luck! Cannot wait to read about you doing them :)

Sarah said...

FUN!! Love this idea. Maybe I'll try and do one... if I ever catch up on blogging again! :) xo