Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The most thoughtful gift

Christmas is such a fun time for me,
I love to spoil my family.
When thinking of gifts to give someone,
I sometimes have to put my thinking cap on.

I love to read our children's blogs,
To see what they have done.
And saw that Ryan and Megan
Had really had some fun.

One day as I was reading,
The comments of those blogs,
I came across a comment,
Of one I love so much!

She says she has a bucket list,
And some things she has done.
But I saw something there,
That I knew she would have such fun!

How fun, how fun, I yelled to your dad,
We have to do this for her Christmas gift.
I know she will love it...oh, yes she will,
She will really smile and get such a lift.

So off I went to get online to see what I could find.
Elise found it too so I wouldn't be in a bind.
Yes, up, up and away the three of us will go,
Yes a balloon ride for BooBoo, Dad, and me too!

So when you come back and the weather is warm,
Away we will go in the basket you know.
We hope you like this Christmas gift to you,
We love you so much our little BooBoo!

Merry Christmas 2011! Love Dad & Mom.

Best surprise ever.


Elise said...

You will love it! It is a really cool experience to be up in that basket.

Trish said...

How awesome is that? Mom just went and loved it.

Michelle said...

I am so jealous! I really, really, really want to do this. Have fun!