Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas weekend highlights

-I was sent home from work before the market closed on Friday, that's never happend before.
-I was able to get on a bus that left an hour earlier than my scheduled departure.
-No traffic and very minimal travel stress.
-The usual late nights filled with long chats and hearty laughs with Brad and Nadia.
-Feeling like a hero when Madeline is so excited to see me.
-Tossing Spencer up in the air a million times and hearing him laugh and seeing his adorable smile.
-Snow magically falling while we were opening presents, even though the weather called for clear skies.
-Delicious food all weekend long.
-Catching up on sleep.
-Watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Twice. Laughing just as hard both times.
-Skyping with our family back in California.
-Being able to cross one off the bucket list next time I'm in California because my mom got me a hot air balloon ride.
-Extremely thoughtful gifts from Brad and Nadia's family.
-A very sweet Santa who still finds me in New Hampshire and leaves me a full stocking.
-Opening our last present to find out our family will all be together next summer in Kauai! So excited! I have never been so spoiled.
-Being able to skip the bus home and ride with Chloe.


Nadia said...

Thank you for coming. You helped us have a wonderful Christmas filled with people we love.
Love that picture of you and the kids. SO CUTE!!!!

chloe said...

Such a fun drive. I'm sorry you weren't feeling great.

Elise said...

Glad you had a good Christmas! Sounds like a perfect weekend.

Brad Hope said...

We loved having you. Thanks for everything. That pic is so cute!

katherine said...

You look absolutely stunning in this photo!!!! (And, random place for a random answer: we got our costume idea from Pinterest. I wish I could claim the creativity.)