Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I have no idea why blogger is publishing my posts with such massive spaces in between paragraphs, it's driving me nuts. I only put a single space in between each paragraph in the last post and it looks like there are two spaces. Then I went back and edited the post so there were no spaces, yet, once I published, it still looked like that. It's really annoying me. Does anyone know why?
Also (apparently this is my open forum to ask for help) lately I cannot for the life of me comment on anyones blog who has their comment settings set to make me choose a profile before I comment. Does anyone know why???


Katie said...

Argh, this was happening to me awhile back. Try using a "soft return" by pressing shift+enter when you do a paragraph break. Hope that helps. As for the profile thing, not sure. I'm always signed into my google account so I don't usually have a problem commenting.

Brooke said...

It takes me FOREVER to get my spacing right. I have to go into the html view and adjust then preview then adjust until it is perfect.

The commenting thing has been happening to me too. I have been trying to comment on Annie's blog, but it asks to choose the profile, when I choose google it asks for my email and password, but it won't ever post the comments. If you figure it out, e-mail me because it is SO Freaking annoying.

Trish said...

The only thing I can suggest is before you hit publish, check out your HTML to make sure everything is spaced fine there. Never fails, though, that there's one that I miss. Blogger is so annoying.

In terms of embedded comments (which I hate anyway), when it prompts you to log-in, UNCHECK the box that says to stay signed in. Annoying because then next time you open up anything Google related it will ask you to sign in again, but it fixes the problem. I've also heard something about deleting your cookies but I don't know how to do that.

Haley Roe said...

you are a hottie