Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So here's the thing...

Basically I don't feel like blogging. Maybe I will again one day. I hope I will. But for now, I don't. So here's a few of my favorite pics from the last few weeks.

Aimee and Jerry's wedding. Loved it. She wore her grandmother's dress. It wasn't altered, restored, or even dry cleaned. Perfect condition. Perfect size. Perfect for Aim. She made her own veil. So Aim. It was such a perfect day and perfect night. Love Jerry. Even though I only met him the night before I can tell he's so perfect for her. I was so happy to be a part of this wedding.

I picked raspberries with my grandpa in Rexburg. This was the first day of the second week of my vacation, and the first moment I actually felt truly relaxed. The first few days of vaca were kind of a whirlwind with the changes I mentioned in my last post, and then it was the wedding madness. It was so nice to spend this Monday morning in beautiful, peaceful Idaho, picking berries in the front yard.

Less than 48 hours in San Francisco was a quick trip but so worth it to see the city with two of my besties from college.

Last weekend I hit up the Berkshires with 15 friends. It was glorious. I have the best ex-BB ever. That pool was zen. It was like the stoner corner of the property. At one point we were just chillin in the pool, sitting on our noodles, not really saying anything to each other and just zoning out. Nothing says relaxation like a 95 degree pool. I wanna go back.

Okay here's the exciting news in a nutshell. I'm an auntie again! Rebecca had Jared Steven last Friday. He came in at a whopping 9 pounds 13 ounces, and 21 inches. My sister makes some linebackers.

The other exciting news.....I've been going through a long approval process for an apartment. It's taken almost a month but I found out I made it through the last of the approval process (meeting with the president of the co-op board) today. As of September 3 I will officially be living in my own apartment on the Upper West Side. I. Am. Stoked.


Ang said...

Thanks for the update Rach. Would love to hear more. :) Oh and why didn't WE take a picture together while you were here? I know I'm not all that hot anymore with having a couple of kids and all. Jk... it's probably because you looked perfect W/OUT make-up but still probably wouldn't have wanted your pic taken. Maybe next time.

Elise said...

Love the pic of you & your grandpa. And all those raspberries? Jealous.

Candice said...

How fun to be able to pick raspberries with your grandpa! And congrats on the apartment!