Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My heart's elsewhere.

I'm here, but mentally I'm somewhere else. On Sunday I got back from my core leave. I was away from New York for 16 days but it felt like at least 30. It's true what they say, in a New York minute everything can change.
So many pretty heavy changes have occurred, and so many to come. Some are my doing, and some were like a rug being pulled out from under me.
I feel like I have delayed jetlag and I just don't have the energy.
Friday I'm heading to the Berkshires for the weekend so if I don't blog tomorrow it'll be next week.
Sorry to leave you hanging. This is all I've got in me. For now, enjoy the big sky of Idaho. I miss it.


Turbo said...

Great shot, Rae. I total sucker for cloud and sky photos. Hope all is well.

Turbo said...

Also, I haz bad grammar.

Michelle said...

Rachel! How are you doing sweetie? I love you and miss you... Email me!

Elise said...

So many colors of blue!!

Anonymous said...


chelse said...

looks like the Asians still like you! ha ha Idaho misses you and so do I! I hope that everything gets settled and figured out and things go good. I seriously had so much fun in SF! One day I'll blog about it and so will you. I can't wait for our jumping shots by the bridge. ps I had shin splints from walking when I got home!