Thursday, May 7, 2009


to answer Trish's question, there are indeed more photos on the way.  With every night that goes by and I don't post I feel guilty.  It's just that I've either been catching up with friends every night, or passing out early (as in, 5:30pm early....yeah, that happened on Monday.)  Apparently I've still been a bit jetlagged this week.
My neck has still been bothering me so I finally gave in and found a chiropractor and WOW did he work his magic.  I have never heard my neck crack so many times, and although it's not completely pain free, it's about 80% better.  Thank goodness.
The plan this weekend was to have a marathon blogging sesh and get a ton more photos up, and then I went and became spontaneous and planned a little trippy trip to Maine, so again, I'm putting off the blogging.  
Sorry friends!!!

In the mean time, check out these cuties sporting some of their souvenirs.


Liese said...

cute picture! they're adorable

Trish said...

LOL--I like how my comment gets its own response post. :) SO jealous that you and Kim might hang out this weekend!!!