Wednesday, July 11, 2012


In typical fashion the summer is blazing by.  In three days I leave for Kauai and I don't feel prepared at all.  I found out on Christmas we were going and it was almost seven months out.  Can't believe it's already snuck up on me.  I guess this is normal for every new year of life, but this has been, by far, the fastest year of my life.  How is it already mid July?
A little of what's been going on....
-my mom came out for a long weekend over Mother's Day in May
-Chelse, Becky, Rachel, and I went to South Beach for a long weekend and I turned the big 29.
-my Grandpa Hope passed away June 23rd; sad for us but the best for him, as he was 89 and ready.  My dad and all my siblings were able to make it out to Rexburg to be with my grandma for a few days.  My mom unfortunately couldn't make it because she was in Europe chaperoning some high school kids.
-Spent the 4th of July in the city for the second time in six years, going to the beach and watching fireworks from Karli's roof.
-Brad and I did our open water dives to finish our scuba certification last weekend in Massachusetts.
-Marathon training has officially started and I've managed to get some runs in before work to beat the heat and humidity.
-And in almost 72 exactly I'll be on an 11 hour flight to Kauai.  When I get back July will be almost over. 


Turbo said...

Go Ziplining!

Trish said...

I'm so sorry about your Grandpa but I do know that sometimes it's for the best. I always feel that it was Aunt Fran's time and maybe even Grandpa.

Reaches across the ocean...can't believe we're going to be SOCLOSE...

maggie said...

So sorry for your loss.

Have fun in Hawaii! Good luck with training!

Sean and Becky said...

Seriously so jealous...I'm glad you had fun! :)