Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thoughts from the treadmill

  • Sheryl Crow was wrong; if it makes you happy it can be that bad, and the first cut isn't always the deepest.
  • There are days when things are just awful at work, with my family, and my love life and I feel like I'm isolated and can't talk to the only person who I can really talk to, but my Heavenly Father is always patiently waiting to listen.
  • The media portrays Wall Street (and pretty much everything else) so poorly.  A vast majority of the population has the wrong idea about traders.
  • The heart can be broken more than one ever imagines.
  • There are people to whom I'd really like to give a piece of my mind, and it's probably a good thing they live 3000 miles away.  I still might, next time I see them.
  • I am absolutely floored people twenty years my senior still behave as though they were in high school.  Completely astounding.
  • Few things in life are better than being behind the wheel with an open road, blaring the music and singing at the top of your lungs.
  • I am such an advocate of mental therapy, whether it's going to the gym or speaking with someone who's licensed.  
  • Men are selfish.
  • I'm so lucky to have found some very true girlfriends in New York, even if it took a while.
  • God really hears my prayers.
  • There is always more to a situation than one can perceive, and it's incredible some don't understand that.
  • There will always be people who hurt me.
  • There will always be people who help me put myself back together.
  • At the end of the day, you can't rely on anyone else to take care of you forever.  One must always have the capability to take care of ones self, even if one doesn't always have to apply those abilities at the moment.
  • Coldplay is genius.
  • One day I might get pushed enough to the edge that I might swear at some traders, and I'm pretty confident I'll get some applause.  Everyone's just waiting for the nice Mormon girl to crack.
  • I'm really lucky that even though I live in a super liberal area, my work environment is very conservative and respectful of my standards, and despite the fact that I work with a bunch of lushes, if I ever succumbed to having a drink everyone would get really mad at me (not that I would, but I like the fact that even my non-member colleagues would keep me in check.  And I know, just because someone's liberal doesn't mean they're not respectful or supportive.  I'm just happy to be around people with similar points of view.)
  • I never thought I could run at 7.0 for a whole song.  Apparently I was wrong.  I hate running, but for some reason I keep trying.
  • I'm constantly surprised at how easily my blood boils when it comes to someone thinking negatively about a family member.  I never considered myself the protective type, but it turns out I am.
  • It's weird when one day you realize you're better at some things than your parents.


Janie's World said...

Your thoughts are so deep on the treadmill. Mine are 20 more minutes, (huff huff) 19 more minutes, (puff puff) 18 more minutes,(where's my water) 17 more minutes (my calves hurt), 16 more minutes...

I feel your pain.

Trish said...

Ohhhhh--you have to let me know what songs you're rocking out to on the treadmill! I'm so tired of my playlist, but I signed up for a 5K so I've got to find some more pump-up music.

You've got a lot of deep thoughts--the only thing I think about is...has 30 minutes passed yet? Haha--just read Janie's comment. Guess she and I are on the same page.

Maria said...

Coldplay IS genius

You can accomplish more than you think...we all can.

Michelle said...

oh rae rae! I love you! Why do we all revert to running when angry, sad, depressed, comtemplative, etc? I guess in a way we do sort out thoughts as you have perfectly described.

maggie said...

running is tough, but it is also a good way to clear the head for sure!! or to sort things out. i like how you did this, i was thinking of doing a similar thing....i may have to copy your title. would you care?! and good job on 7.0!!!

Debbie said...

And what are you better at than your parents? I just tired of people being negative at all. I am working on that aspect of my life.

Cyn said...

I'm with Janie on the treadmill thoughts. You are DEEP girl. Coldplay IS Genius-I third the motion. Agree with the singing at the top of your lungs while driving alone on the open road. That is glorious fun.

Debbie said...

And who do you want to give a piece of your mind to 3000 miles away......I think you should in a very loving way.